Free SSL Checker

Use our free SSL Checker to help you quickly diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation. Our Free SSL Checker tool can verify that the SSL Certificate on your web server is properly installed and trusted. SSL Checker will display the Common Name, server type, issuer, validity, certificate chaining, along with additional certificate details. Simply enter your website address below and our free tool will return your ssl details.

How SSL Checker Works

The SSL Checker works by connecting to your server and retrieving the information about the SSL connection. The following checks are done.

  • IP Address: We retreive the IP address of the domain
  • DNS Record: Typically contains information about the server host being used.
  • Certificate Names: This is extracted from the SSL certificate's subject Common Name (CN) field. If the CN field is not available, it defaults to 'Unknown'.
  • Protocol Support: This indicates which SSL/TLS protocol the server supports.
  • TLS Ciphers Supported: TLS ciphers determine the encryption algorithms used for securing the connection.
  • Valid From and Valid To Dates: Determines when the certificate was issues and when it is set to expire.
  • Serial Number: The serial number of the certificate, if available.
  • Common Name (CN): The Common Name (CN) of the certificate issuer is displayed if available.
  • Certificate Issuer: Information about the certificate issuer, including the issuer country, organization, and common name.
  • Subject Alternatives: This field contains alternative subject names specified in the certificate's extensions.

SSL Checker helps users ensure that their SSL certificates are correctly installed and provide transparency about the security measures implemented on their websites.