Ensure Your Website's Uptime and Security with Ease

SiteStability offers comprehensive monitoring solutions, designed for both web design agencies and individual website owners. Ensure your websites are running and stay informed about any downtime or security issues.

Website Monitoring Dashboard

Regular Monitoring, Timely Alerts, and Comprehensive Reports

SiteStability conducts thorough checks on your website every 15 minutes (with plans to offer more frequent monitoring) to ensure optimal performance. Receive prompt alerts to stay informed about your website's status.

Keep Your Website Secure and Reliable with SiteStability

SiteStability doesn't just monitor website availability; we also protect your digital presence by detecting significant content changes. Whether managing a single site or multiple for clients, our service offers:

  • Custom time interval monitoring, with alerts for any downtime or issues detected.
  • Website performance tracking.
  • Advanced content change detection to alert you if your site displays unexpected content, a crucial line of defense against hacking or unauthorized alterations.
  • SSL Monitoring - Get notified 30 days before your certificate is set to expire.
  • No limits as to how many emails wil receive the notification.
  • Set custom keywords to monitor, both keywords you expect to be on the page and keywords you do not wish to exist on the page
  • No limits to text notification.
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Website Monitoring Dashboard


Have a question? Read through our FAQ below. If you can't find an answer,
please email our support team. We're here to help.

Yes, depending on your plan. The most basic plan provides checks in 15 minute increments. Our highest paid plan allows you to start monitoring every 10 seconds or higher.

We will instantly send an email of any outages or major content changes we detect. We will be adding more methods of communication soon such as SMS and integration with various communication tools.

No, nothing is needed from your end. Just let us know the URL of the page you want monitored and we will do the rest. Nothing will be installed onto your server or website.

We monitor the specific pages you list in our tool. Each page is monitored as its own so if you want to monitor multiple pages within a single website, you must enter each website URL individually.

We do this because hackers can take over your site but keep the website up and running but change visual content. Our method of visual content change determins if there was a major change in the way your site looks and alerts you of its detection.